Wednesday, July 6, 2011

9:29 AM

Blogging from work.
Work as in attachment.
I want a new skin.
Something white..

Monday, April 4, 2011

1:35 PM

On a serious note here. I think this is it. I screwed up and now no one can help. This is it. Shit scared but its my fault. Praying very very hard for a miracle to happen. Ive learnt my lesson and SWEAR i wont do it again. Sigh you know point blogging luh...FUCK!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

1:40 PM

Fuck luh. No mean just say no luh. Give me a long useless fucking lecture for what fuck?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

10:54 AM

Started year 3 last Monday with FYP(final year project). Two words..IT SUCKS! My project is the design and development of an electric muscle stimulator for pain management. Like WHAT THE FUCK LAH!?!? Ive to use electronics, microcontroller applications and computer programming. All of which i got D! Cant bloody do these modules and my school is trying to kill me. How sial? :( If i do well, my GPA can dgo up to 0.5. If i dont then i might as well drop out cause theres no chance for Uni already. No you know what? I should just drop out now cause i know which such a project, i already cannot make it into a uni. Sigh! So unhappy here. 12 weeks...1 week down. left with 11 more weeks to go. And its like detention here. Cant leave the classroom unless its break time.

Just got scolded twice today. Once cause i was late. Why was i late? Cause i didnt get enough sleep for the past 2 weeks or more. Decided to sleep in a bit. Seriously luh. I was practically falling asleep while giving tuition yesterday. Second time cause me being me, i panicked about being late or doing something wrong, i asked my friend to sign the attendance for me. My supervisor found out. Annndddd i got scolded. Bad day already. I miss Dephanie lots!

And right now, the only thing thats keeping me happy is Mr preety eyed boy. Cant wait to meet u later. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

12:04 AM

Okay so yesterday was Valentines day. Late post much? Neways, i HAVE dated like a few guys after my last ex. But..although they were awesome awesome, i just didnt feel it for them. I dont know why. And i dont know if its true but the last guy i dated(obviously i broke his heart), told me he realised i dont know what love is. What its about. I gave some thought to it and thought to myself. Hmmm maybe it is true? Like i mean maybe thats why ive been rejecting every other guy ive dated and trust me..i dated ALOT after my ex. I think ive been hurt too much that i cant be hurt anymore and i probably lost it. Like now, when a guy does something sweet or hold my hand or tells me he loves me or something, I feel nothing. Like its just pain NOTHING. Which sucks. Arghh..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

12:59 AM

OMGGGG. I...AM....SOOO....TIRED...I SWEAR I CAN SLEEP IN A PUDDLE OF MUD. Haha. Okay i couldnt think of anything better. Hmm. My week..both this and last has been SUPERBLY BUSYYYAAEE! Really. Sembawang has become my second home. And...well yeah ive been staying up late to choreograph the dance and sew and stuff. Sheesh! This is a lot of stress!. Nevertheless, im enjoying every bit of what im doing. getting myself back. As in i lost myself in the whole chaos say...2 years ago? I THINK. Yeah..well, hell yeah baby! Im getting myself back. Just like how the tides fall, ill rise again...time and again. :D

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10:25 PM

Im such a TV FREAK! I just fell in love with WARNER TV cause they've got ALLLL the shows i love there...

By the way, i am soooo loving the fairy tale Peter Pan.

I do believe in fairies, I do, I do.